Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dev build 0.2.0

Dev build 0.2.0

* Overall performance optimization.
* Added road textures.


* Npc will try to locate bed at night.
* Attacking police or someone near the policeman will force them to chase and attack you.
* If civilian sees (or hears) you attacking someone or breaking something, he will report a police. Police will try to explore possible crimeplace.
If policeman sees you near the crimeplace, he will start attacking you.

* Added criminal background generation on the npc.
* Player can view detailed information about npc (right click on the npc, context menu)
* Added escape menu - you can finally restart game upon death or if you stuck in the starting room.
(No character generation so far, sorry)

* Hammer inflicts blunt type damage with a small chance of stunning NPC.
* Decapitation of dead bodies. You can even took cutted arm and use it as a blunt weapon :)

Play in browser
(If game runs slow, I recommend to reload page or restart game via esc menu)

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  1. Hey, so I tried to play it in the browser and it won't get passed "Determining packages to load" Can anybody help me? I've tried it with Chrome, IE, and Firefox. I have the most recent version of Java and Flash, if that matters.