Friday, April 13, 2012

Minor update:
v 0.2.2

Fixed annoying bug when you are stuck in the starting room.

Added hunger and stamina.
If stamina is <20% player may skip turn due to feeling dizzy. If stamina <= 0%, player will skip several turns in a row.
Hunger does not affect anything for now. You can refill hunger bar by eating food from fridge. Player can also eat parts of dismembered bodies. In this case there is ~20% chance of cathing disease from infected npc (They are marked as "looking sick" in detailed view).
Infection mechanics will be detailed in upcoming builds. Also, stamina and hunger will play large role in the "adventure" arc.

Added "open" option for container entities as well as container invenotory menu.

Player stats (race, sex, age) are randomly generated now. (Sorry if that offends you )
Added family. There is ~60% chance player will have wife/husband and small chance of having one or more children. (This is rather cosmetic too).
Added basement level. You can now use ladders (marked as ">").

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