Monday, April 16, 2012

v 0.2.3

* Player can sleep in the bed until stamina is restored.
* Added "bloodlust" parameter in the character stats. It slowly grows with every player's turn until it reaches 80+ and background starts glowing red.
If bloodlust is too high, player turns into "Out of control" state and starts butching every NPC that is around.

Killing NPC will deplete bloodlust bar by 20% ( ~200 turns). Every next victim will restore 5% less blodlust. Killing similar victims will award you with additional bloodlust points, while killing different NPC will result in additional penalty). Bonuses and penalties are growing with every next victim.
* Player may also take "Suppression pills" to lower bloodlust level.
* Added non-lethal "Taser" weapon that does no damage, but has high stun chance.
* Consumable items are marked with '*' symbol in the inventory.
* Male adult PC has an option to rape unconcious victims. This will also decreese bloodlust level, although not as much as killing. It will also nullify hidden "Libido" bar, so multiple rape attempts in a row are not allowed. Player also has 50% chance to catch STD during rape action.


  1. Dude how can I play this and please say its not a hoax

  2. Are you still working on this? Get a screen recorder and upload. Video of it working good on YouTube and you'll get tons more publicity

  3. @Assassinspecialist
    I currentrly do not work on this game. Concept looked fun when I started working on it, but unfortunately "killing game npc" was not enough to make a game based on it.
    However it is not a hoax. You may get a latest source snapshot from and build it on your machinge.

  4. Damn, well are you saying its not possible to make the game off of that concept or you just don't want to? Because if it's possible you're letting a good idea go to waste. :( off of the blog it looked like you had some really good ideas and even went as far as to make infinite towns!